Alvin Wen

Alvin Wen

I've been in hair industry since 2004, until now, I never loose passion about doing hair. Through all these years, I've worked in different salons and have been to different education classes, including Vidal Sassoon, Tony and Guys, I also attend fashion shows every year to ensure I'm up to date for your hair styles. I specialize in haircuts, colors from basic one color to muti-colors, highlights and color correction, styles from young to sophisticated, trendy fashion to formal, classic. I also do hair extensions. When you sit on my chair, it's my job to make you look great with a new hairstyle.

Testimonials (from Yelp)

Alvin is the man, I drive all the way from Fremont to get my haircut. He is the Pablo Picasso of haircutting!

jason m.
Fremont, CA

Recently had the absolute pleasure of having my hair cut by one of the most talented hair designers I have ever been to, Alvin Wen. I have spent a lifetime in pursuit of talented stylists and have only met a few that are superior; Alvin is most certainly one of the best! Alvin listens to exactly what the customer wants and then performs his magic~ His artistry has to be rated a "10" along with the most sincere, friendly & caring manner. The moment Alvin starts cutting your hair, it is evident that he is a master at what he does. This has been one of the best haircuts I have ever had and when it grows out a little, it still looks amazing~ If you are in need of a stylist that you can trust implicitly, Alvin is the one.

Cris K.
San Mateo, CA

Alvin has been cutting my hair now for the past 9 months and I am really happy. I have cowlicks and all sorts of things going on and he makes it all work. Before I came to him I read his YELP reviews.

Someone referred to him as the Picasso of haircutting - I would agree. He is also professional and flexible. I would strongly recommend Alvin!

hannah k.
Burlingame, CA

You know that you like your hair when you leave the salon and just have to go out for a glass of wine because your hair looks too good to take it straight home and hide it!

I have been looking for a good stylist in the area since I moved here a few years ago, and I think I finally found someone that I can trust in Alvin. I have VERY fine hair and it tends to be a bit of a nightmare. Over-processing burns it easily, and it responds to color differently than thicker hair does. The last woman who did my hair left my dark brown hair striped with bright white, thick "highlights". Alvin did some very amazing blending work and now my hair color is perfect. I wasted a lot of money running my new hair around town all afternoon, but it is worth it...

Amber R.
San Mateo, CA

From the time I met Alvin, (late 2007) I followed him to every establishment he's worked at, because he really is the best.

My first introduction to Alvin was just by chance. I walked in to the salon where he worked at that time and my name came up. I had a couple of haircuts there before, and was never blown away. Since I didn't feel the need to be loyal to any particular stylist, I decided to have Alvin cut my hair.

Alvin was polite as I described exactly what "look" I'd hoped to achieve. Alvin listened and went to work. I was totally blown away!! He managed to make my hair look exactly how I wanted it to look! As most people know, describing a particular "style" is much harder than it seems and is even harder to get the stylist to make it happen.

Needless to say, I still get my haircut by Alvin, even though I live approximately 100 miles from the peninsula, where he works.

My haircut is always exactly what I want so I will be a client of Alvin for years to come.

Salvador R.
Daly City, CA

Alvin did a great job on my hair that is long and thick for a great price! He is easy to talk to about what you want done. I was vary happy with my look and will return to him.

Courtney T.
Palo Alto, CA

I've been getting my haircut from Alvin for a long time. I've never been disappointed.

Jim K.
Daly City, CA

Just want to add another 5 star review for Alvin. When he works with hair I felt like he is an artist. My style looked great. And the girl who just had her hair done before me looks fabulous. Thank you Alvin!

Rong Y.
San Mateo, CA

Alvin is a great hair dresser! I love the way he handles my hair. He is absolutely the best!

nadia s.
Belmont, CA

The most natural looking fabulous highlights I've ever gotten!!! Alvin rocks. He also went the extra mile to touch up my layers even though I wasn't getting a haircut. Such a perfectionist! Highly recommended.

Mehk P.
Morris Plains, NJ

I was looking for a place nearby to get a "wash & style" when I came across Top Image Salon and the positive reviews for Alvin. So I thought I'd give it a try. Alvin was great! He cut my hair the way I've been wanting it to be cut in years but no one could do it until today. Love my new haircut. All this so that I can have a decent photo for my driver's license. :)

Sabrina L.
Oakland, CA

I followed Alvin from the last place he worked, and my god, he does the best haircuts. I always leave the salon looking awesome and people ask where I get my haircuts. Recently he helped me with a hair style for a party and it was too amazing. Alvin is the best and can really do any style!

Emily P.
Berkeley, CA

Alvin was courteous, fast, on time, and -- most importantly -- he did an amazing job. I don't have a ton of time on my hands, and these things matter to me. I'd easily go to him again.

Ryan C.
Cambridge, MA

Alvin is great! His work is excellent, and he's a really nice guy. He really understands style and fashion, and gives you just what you're looking for. I've been going to him for several years and have been satisfied every time. His new location is very private and modern. I would definitely recommend him and his salon to anyone.

Fred D.
San Mateo, CA

I have been going to Alvin since he was at Regis in the Hillsdale mall three years ago and I have been happy with every single haircut. I always thought he should be at a fancy salon in the city. He is always professional and reasonably priced.

Jennifer K.
San Carlos, CA

I've always gone to the same salon in San Jose but since I moved to foster city and don't have all the time in the world I decided to try this place out. Much to my surprise I loved the haircut but more so Alvin really spent a lot of time and put in a lot of attention to detail. I've never been treated so well at a salon. He even offered me a snack while I waited getting my hair dyed! Plus he gave me a lot of pointers on how to style my hair at home since I am no way near a professional like him. He's a great hairstylist and I know others feel that way because the lady getting her haircut before me was super happy too.

I. K.
San Mateo, CA

Alvin has been cutting my hair for almost 2 years and I wouldn't trust anyone else. I would highly recommend Alvin to anyone looking for a top quality stylist!

Stephanie P.
San Mateo, CA

Alvin was terrific, if a little scared that I was willing to let him do whatever he wanted. The "salon" is located in a larger building shared by a number of other salon setups. It is not great for foot traffic so word of mouth is how he gets clients. His place is no frills but clean and it looked well stocked with every hair product you could possibly need. I have baby fine hair, but a ton of it, and it has been getting weirdly wavy and frizzy and pretty unmanageable. Alvin was able to work with it and gave me some basic styling tips. He gave me a cute short shag that has been getting me countless compliments.

Nissa J.
San Mateo, CA

Six months after shaving my head, I went to Alvin for my first haircut. I looked at pictures before my appt and had a couple of ideas in mind about styles and colors that appealed to me. Alvin told me what he recommended based on the texture of my hair, the short length, and how much time I was willing to devote to fixing my hair every day. I have a cute pixie cut and am very happy with it. I recommend Alvin.

Super S.
San Francisco, CA

I would highly recommend Alvin if you're looking for a great haircut at a very fair price. I too followed him here from his prior salon, and I'm glad that I did. I always get a great cut! BTW, lots of parking too.

Kevin W.
San Mateo, CA

I followed Alvin from Regis to Top Image...I'm so glad I did. I moved to SF 10 months ago, but have continued coming down to see him once a month. He's very flexible with scheduling and is always willing to try new things on my hair. He's a really nice guy and I always enjoy our chats. Plus, my hair looks great when I leave!! :-) Thanks Alvin!!!

Kerry M.
San Francisco, CA

Alvin is awesome. I've gone to him once a month, every month, over the last year, and he has never failed to impress. Haircuts are fast and clean and it never looks like I've just had a fresh trim. Always looks natural right after. The guy is great, I'll stick with him as long as he's here!

Tony M.
San Mateo, CA

I followed Alvin from Regis to his new salon and just got a very dramatic hair cut last week which is amazing. Each time I get a haircut it is always something VERY different and he comes through every time. I have been to many expensive salons such as Cowboys and Angels, Bladerunners, and many other $80+ hair salons and he can do anything they can. Alvin is VERY affordable for his level of technique and precision, half the price I paid in SF or Palo Alto. Yay Alvin!

Renee J.
San Francisco, CA

I've been going to Alvin for a while now... he is a great hair stylist.� He knows what looks good, or can customize your hair to your preference.� I wouldn't recommend any place else!

Edward L.
Palo Alto, CA

I have one of those rare Asian hair that is thick, coarse and an amazing amount. I have had the hardest time finding a stylist that understands this type of hair.....until I met Alvin. He is absolutely amazing!

I came in for touch up, hair cut and color. Sadly I couldn't do it all in one day. So for the first visit I told him I need to do something with my hair. He looked and examined it and said this what we're going to do. I left it up to him and I was absolutely impressed by his:

1) calm demeanor

2) professional approach

3) quick but gentle approach

4) and true honest suggestions

The aftermath was impressive. He thinned my hair, and softened it with some great products. (oh and he also didn't push me to buy anything or push me to one direction unless I asked.) I was absolutely happy with the result and I felt refreshed and presentable.

The second visit ( a week later) I received the same kind attention. I went in for my highlights and the color we agreed on matched exactly once it was completed. I can't say that with a lot of stylists.

I spent a good amount of money. More than I typically would but it was worth the visit to Alvin. I am definitely going back for touch ups and cuts!

He is absolutely personable and knows how to cut hair. I'm an artist myself, and I pay very close attention to detail and notice when people also take pride in their work. Alvin absolutely delivers!

Janine P.
Berkeley, CA

Shortest version: As others have mentioned. Alvin is pretty much amazing. You can do no wrong with him.

Short-ish version: If you need to get a completely new style or just looking to get your hair trimmed to your specifications, Alvin is the perfect stylist for you. Both men and women can leave their hair in his hands and you will absolutely not waste your time or money. You will leave the salon happy and with a big smile.

The long winded version. (I hope you have a coffee and settled in your couch) It's the beginning of the year. I haven't had my hair cut since I donated it about 1.5 years ago. I've been dying to get it at the length again to donate and the time came. I had initially booked my hair appointment at the last salon I got my hair cut, but part of me still felt uneasy. So I went to Groupon and looked through all my options. I did my fair share of research as I do with all important purchases or life altering events in my life and well I stumbled on Top Image Salon's deal. I read through the Yelp reviews and perused through the photos. It was like I was doing some kind of background check on this place and well it passed with all flying colors. I felt, of course, uneasy still as I've never been to this place and really really depending on the reviews. Still, with the groupon, it was a great deal and regardless, I would have hair to donate. PLUS hair grows back. No biggie. So I called Alvin. He was very professional and pretty much asked when I wanted to get my hair cut. I said well I had the cut and style Groupon and any time on Friday as I had a day off and well that was the day I would be back from vacation. (sidebar: Yay Disney World Goofy Challenge!). So I set it. D-Day for my hair was January 18th. I drove all the way from South Fremont to San Mateo. I was really hoping it was all worth it. Gas and all. And yes. It was. I arrived a little early as I didn't know where the place was. It is in this little plaza and it's in the Sola Salon building. Interesting enough there are several salons in this place like little shops but for hair! So I turned right and directly down the hall in front of me was #8 for Top Image Salon. So I sat there and Alvin came exactly on time. He was very courteous as there was another person there to drop off things and said he'd be with me very shortly. I didn't mind. I had no where else to go except have my hair lifted from my head. So after a few minutes he was ready for me. I don't think he was ready with what I was going to say. I said I needed to cut 10 inches to donate my hair. I was ready with hair ties and plastic bag and a measuring tape. I showed him a couple pictures of styles I was thinking of and we settled on one. I think he was more concerned about my hair than me as he kept asking me if I was sure and that it would be really really short. I've done short, so I was not really scared, but I did mention if we can keep as much length in the front, I wouldn't get the wrath of my boyfriend. So he did his magic. He put my hair in three pony tails and snip, snip, snip. Off it went and into my plastic bag. We then meandered to the shampoo station and then back to the chair. We had lovely conversations about how he was going to Tahoe that weekend and going to snowboard and also my running. He was very personable. He then proceeded with the hair styling. He sat in his chair and pretty much did a dance. It was masterful how he would swing back and forth and cut with all his tools. He dropped his comb at one point and seamlessly picked up another from his bag. In the end, I looked up and it was everything I had hoped for. I did short before but this was super cute. He was able to shape my asian thick hair and not make me look mushroomy. It was a I take that back. Alvin is a master of his craft and only an artist can really show your true beauty. I went home to my boyfriend and for someone who kept saying "I think shoulder length at most," he was super happy with the shorter hair cut and has been telling me that it's much cuter than what he had expected. I've also gotten compliments left and right at work. I've been beaming with a smile since I left that salon and feeling super confident. I cannot say how much I recommend Alvin. I will definitely be back! For sure!

Carolen M.
Fremont, CA